KNGO was founded in 2008 by Mr Sun Saveth and four other Education and Development Program university graduates, who were concerned about the lack of educational opportunities available to Cambodian impoverished children and youths. They conducted a survey in the province of Battambang which indicated many children lacked opportunities to receive social instruction and a basic education. It was found many children lacked basic reading, writing and mathematical skills, showed little responsibility for their actions and demonstrated poor communication skills and attitudes towards others. Many held little hope for employment prospects.

As a result of this survey, it was decided to implement an Education Program, with the target area being Bospo Primary School, Odambang I Commune, Sangker District, Battambang Province, Cambodia. The commune is located approximately 15 minutes by road from Battambang City. Battambang is located in the north-west region of Cambodia, approximately 6 hours by road from the capital, Phnom Penh and 4 hours from Siem Reap. KNGO’s activities will extend to other schools in the Sangker district once our goals and objectives have been achieved in the target area.

The Education Program commenced in 2008 with one class and 30 students who studied English. Khmer literacy and mathematics classes commenced in 2013 and KNGO now provides 19 classes, 5 days a week, which 450 children attend. KNGO has grown organizationally from a staff of 5 teachers to a staff of 10 teachers, transitioned from an advisory board to a governing board of directors, and developed by-laws, child protection policy, staff and financial policy.

KNGO is registered as an official organization with the Ministry of Interior.

KNGO Cambodia's projects are kindly supported by KNGO Australia Limited.