Sponsor a family:

KNGO also helps to support poor, vulnerable and HIV affected families and assists their children to attend the government school as well as KNGO. Families are interviewed and a means based assessment conducted to see how KNGO can financially support the family.

KNGO is continually looking for more generous people to help support more poor children and their families so that they can remain in Bospo and continue their education.

Child Sponsorship

Phoung Chanrath has been raised by her grandmother as her parents passed away when she was 4 years old. Her grandmother is a widow and earns money to support her family by travelling every harvesting season for work. Chanrath travels with her consequently she has not been able to receive proper schooling and was unable to read, write and count at the age of 10. At the beginning on 2014, with the support the family sponsorship program, KNGO staff visited Chanrath and her grandmother to invite her to join KNGO supplementary class. Chanrath accepted and was provided with a bicycle, schoolbooks, pens and pencils to attend classes daily. Chanrath is steadily improving and can now read, write and count as well as do calculations. and know how to do the calculation too. With assistance from her sponsor, Ms. Ute from Gremany, her grandmother no longer needs to travel for the harvesting season and Chanrath can attend KNGO every day. Chanrath has aspirations of becoming a teacher in the future so that she can help her community.

Met Tim is the second eldest of 5 siblings in his family. Tim’s father passed away 7 years ago and his mother has HIV and was living and working in Thailand to try to support her family. When KNGO approached Tim he was living with his grandmother and was not attending government school regularly as he was helping to support his family by cutting grass to sell for cow feed and looking for fish and crabs in the rice fields to feed his family. At the age of 8 Tim was unable to read or write Khmer. With the support of KNGO’s family sponsorship program and Mr. Peter and his family from Belgium, Tim was able to regularly attend both government school and KNGO supplementary classes. Tim is now able to read and write Khmer and is starting grade four this year at the local government school. His mother has also returned from Thailand and has taken an active role in raising and supporting her family. Tim enjoys studying and has dreams of becoming an engineer in the future.