Sponsor a Student:

The Student Sponsorship Program has been established to support poor families in the Odambang 1 community who are struggling to continue their child’s education. Many children from poor families are needed to forgo their education and commence unskilled, menial work to supplement the family income. Without completing their education, the cycle of poverty continues! This Student Sponsorship Program provides a life-changing opportunity for these children.

The ongoing sponsorship - USD$35 per month (USD$420 per year) - can be used for school resources & levies, uniforms, clothing, medical & dental care, emergency family food parcels, a small contribution to the KNGO school program and other expenses which will support the child’s continued attendance at school. Each sponsored student and their family will be monitored by KNGO Cambodia who will also approve ALL expenses. Priority is given to the students who have already, or are at risk of, dropping out of school. Students will normally be re-engaged in classes at the local Government school and also attend supplementary classes at the KNGO School.

Child Sponsorship

Horn Kanha has been raised by her grandmother as her mother had a new husband when she was 6 months. Her father passed away since she was 1 years old. Kanha is 7 years old now.Kanha has no sibling. Kanha is studying in KNGO school in ABC class. She is studying in grade 1 at Bospo primary school. Her mother has a new husband lives in Thailand and never come to visit her or send her money. Kanha lives with her sickness grandma. Her grandma has got HIV they don't have enough food to eat Kanha is now sponsored by Ms. Joyce Hui who lives in Australia. Kanha said since she has got the sponsors she can have food to eat and go to school school every day without hungry. Sreymeas said in the future she wants to become a teacher.

Sek Sana is the eldest of 5 siblings in her family. Sana’s father a coconut climber and her mother is a house wife. Sana is 14 years old and she is studying in grade 7 at the secondary school of Odambang I commune. Due to Sana's father has no real job to do in her family is very poor and Sana can't go to attend the government school regularly but since Sana came to study in KNGO school KNGO tried to find the generous people to support her family. Since Sana came to study with KNGO program she has got the family sponsorship program. With the support of KNGO’s family sponsorship program from Miss.Viktoria Sukhanevych in 2015 then KNGO volunteer helped to build house for her family. Last year because of Miss.Viktoria Sukhanevych didn't send her donation regularly KNGO found another generous family to continue to support her studying so that she can go to school. Now Sana is sponsored by Louise Lindey and her family from Australia. Sana said since she has been sponsored she can go to school every day and her family have food to eat. Sana said in the future she want to become a teacher.