Sponsor a family:

KNGO also helps to support poor, vulnerable and HIV affected families and assists their children to attend the government school as well as KNGO. Families are interviewed and a means based assessment conducted to see how KNGO can financially support the family.

KNGO is continually looking for more generous people to help support more poor children and their families so that they can remain in Bospo and continue their education.

Child Sponsorship

Hai Sreymeas has been raised by her father as her mother had a new husband when she was 4 years old. Sreymeas is 11 years old now.Sreymeas has three sibling and she is the youngest in her family. Sreymeas is studying in grade 4 at the government school of Bospo primary school and she comes to study Khmer supplementary class at KNGO in grade 3 and studies english in Let's go level 1. Her father is a construction worker he can earn a little money to support the family and he said sometimes he didn't have enough money to buy food for his children, especially when he had no construction work to do for himself. And sometimes he had no money to give to his children to go to school. he said since Sreymeas came to attend KNGO school and KNGO helped to find the sponsors to help his family, he has money to give to his children to go to school every day. Sreymeas is sponsored by Ms. Joyce Hui who lives in Australia. Sreymeas said since she has got the sponsors she can have some money to buy food at school and she is very happy to go to school every day. Sreymeas said in the future she wants to become a teacher.

Sek Sana is the eldest of 5 siblings in her family. Sana’s father a coconut climber and her mother is a house wife. Sana is 14 years old and she is studying in grade 7 at the secondary school of Odambang I commune. Due to Sana's father has no real job to do in her family is very poor and Sana can't go to attend the government school regularly but since Sana came to study in KNGO school KNGO tried to find the generous people to support her family. Since Sana came to study with KNGO program she has got the family sponsorship program. With the support of KNGO’s family sponsorship program from Miss.Viktoria Sukhanevych in 2015 then KNGO volunteer helped to build house for her family. Last year because of Miss.Viktoria Sukhanevych didn't send her donation regularly KNGO found another generous family to continue to support her studying so that she can go to school. Now Sana is sponsored by Louise Lindey and her family from Australia. Sana said since she has been sponsored she can go to school every day and her family have food to eat. Sana said in the future she want to become a teacher.