How can I help?

There are several ways you can help. First, we need volunteers to come and help our children. Our Khmer teachers appreciate assistance, especially with reading and pronunciation exercises with the children If you can't visit Battambang and still want to help, consider making a donation (see our "donate" page). Even small donations are very much appreciated.

Another way you can help is by promoting our website and Facebook page. Links to our website on travel blogs and travel website help to raise awareness about our organization. More links also help us to appear in Google and other search engine results. If you have a blog, consider linking to and mentioning our website.

What should I do if I want to volunteer?

Contact Mr. Sun Saveth (see our contact page). Just let him know when you are planning to come and we will make arrangements to welcome you to KNGO and make your stay as comfortable as possible. Also, before volunteering please read our volunteer agreement form. You must sign this document before volunteering at KNGO.

When can I volunteer?

We need volunteers anytime throughout the year. You can choose to volunteer whenever you want, just let us know when you are planning on arriving in Battambang.

How long can I volunteer for?

It's completely up to you. Volunteer for as little as one day or as long as you would like. Many of our volunteers work for one week and sometimes we are very lucky to get volunteers who agree to stay for a month or even longer. Our children are so grateful for your help that the experience can be both rewarding and addictive!

Do I have to pay money?

No. There are no fees but donations are always welcome (no pressure of course).

I don't have any teaching experience. Can I still volunteer?

Yes! Don't worry about lack of teaching experience. Our children benefit greatly just by interacting with foreigners and practicing their English and pronunciation skills. You'll be teaching with an English speaking member of the KNGO team.

Could you provide information from former volunteers?

Of course! Just check out testimonials page to hear what previous volunteers have said about their time at KNGO.

How do I get to KNGO?

The village is about a 15 minute scooter/tuk tuk ride from Battambang city. It would be best to let us know your arrival date and Mr. Sun Saveth can arrange to have you safely brought to KNGO office. Just let him know when you are planning on arriving.

If you are already in Battambang, give him a call at: 092 79 05 97.

Besides teaching, how can I help KNGO

Besides English teachers, we need many different types of people with different areas of expertise to help our organization. If you have experience in art, environmental issues, computers, agriculture, sewing, nutrition or are a health care professional, we would love for you to help our organization.

What are the benefits of volunteering with KNGO

Volunteering with KNGO has countless benefits. Besides the life changing experience it provides you'll have the opportunity to experience real Khmer culture. The experience can also help your career as we can provide letters of recommendation to our volunteers, in addition, the experience looks great on any resume.

Where can I stay?

There are many inexpensive guesthouses in Battambang. Some are as cheap as $5 per night. We can also arrange a homestay with a local Khmer family in Bospo Village. Read here for more Homestay document