Health Program:

KNGO are looking for volunteers to run health promotion workshops with children and teachers at KNGO. Areas that are useful are hygiene, dental care, nutrition, preventative health and first aid. KNGO encourages volunteers to assist in health promotion workshops either by helping to educate the children or helping supply health and hygiene items such as toothbrushes, first aid equipment, etc.

KNGO offers financial assistance to pregnant women in the village who are unable to pay for their delivery and post natal care costs. Staff at the local Health Center refer women to KNGO for assistance, or women reach out to KNGO from the community. Collaboration with the local Health Center ensures all women, regardless of financial status, can deliver their babies in a safe, clean environment attended by health care professionals.

At present there are no specialized pediatricians working in Battambang town, meaning the closest world class health care for children is Siem Reap, 4 hours from Battambang. KNGO support poor and vulnerable children and their families in accessing specialized health care in Siem Reap by assisting in transport, accommodation, health care services and food and incidentals.