KNGO Cambodia values all volunteers who have come to help us and the people of Bospo. We hope that past volunteer's comments and experiences can be shared with those who may be considering volunteering with us. Share your experience at KNGO and comment below!

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Volunteer testimonials
Mr. BJ & Andrea Weiss
From Tewksbury, MA, United States on 03 11, 2016

The mission of KNGO is really wonderful, and Saveth is dedicated to constantly improving the school in every aspect. We love the fact that KNGO provides FREE supplemental education to the children of this community, working to better the lives of those in the community through education. During our two weeks here at KNGO, we helped teach English alongside local Khmer teachers, and provided a two-day training course for the English teachers to help them provide more effective instruction. One thing we loved was seeing so many children eager to learn English (and these classes are in addition to their regular school). Everyone, both the staff and students, greets you warmly with a smile as you enter a room and all the children want to give you a high-five before they leave! We stayed at a guesthouse south of the city, which allowed us to ride bikes to KNGO every day and ride into the city in the evening if we wanted. Our schedule was to observe classes in the afternoon for our first week so that we could make the teacher training course specific to the teachers’ needs. It was great that the teachers were willing to take the time to come to our training because they were eager to improve as English teachers. What’s more, it was awesome to see the teachers implementing the new activities and teaching techniques in the classes after their training! It was a great experience working with teachers and helping with classes here at KNGO; we were very sad to leave. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our experience, please email us at andreat.ferri@gmail.com or rjw9753@yahoo.com.

Miss. Louise Kane
From Belfast, United Kingdom on 09 25, 2015

I spent a week in June 2015 volunteering with KNGO and I had such a great experience that I decided to come back for another month at the end of my trip for August/September 2015. This is a very well run school and was one of the best experiences I had on my trip around South East Asia. I would urge anyone passing through Battambang to spend a few days here at least. It was great to spend time with the children and they were a delight to teach and very eager to learn. I would also recommend staying in the homestay and enjoying the great Cambodian cooking!

Miss. Ute Franz
From Cologne, Germany on 12 17, 2014

My time at KNGO school changed my life and my vision of the world. The kids are so eager to learn, bright, lovely and strong. The teachers work hard and do their best to give these children the knowledge they need to manage their lives. They are thankful for every support. It was nothing but pleasure to teach there and I wish I could have stayed much longer. To me it was one of the happiest times of my life. So come and join KNGO School, it’s totally worth it!

Mrs. Anna Thorsteinsdottir
From Iceland, Iceland on 12 15, 2014

When you travel through South East Asia children run from everywhere to say Hello to you and showing of their English. It was not until after my time with KNGO that I realized how important English is for these children. In Cambodia, learning English as so different meaning then in Iceland and it made me more grateful for my English classes that I took for granted when I was younger. All the other support that KNGO is offering to the community is well though through. The KNGO is mainly manage of Sun and other locals that understand what the local community needs. They have been through worse and are giving everything to build up their community for the future generations. Two years ago, I spend three hard, meaningful, fun and inspiring weeks with Sun and is great family with in the KNGO. Since that lot of things have changes and this is a hopeful and inspiring program. I also recommend to stay in the village. Yes it is little bit isolated but it is wonderful and a nice way to get to know and support the local. You can always go to Battambang on weekends. Best regard Anna Thorsteinsdottir, 31 years old from Iceland.

Miss. Sarah Fletcher
From Auckland, New Zealand on 12 03, 2014

I LOVE KNGO! What KNGO is doing in Bospo and that surrounding villages is awesome! They are passionate about seeing the next generation have a step up in education. The kids are happy and excited to be learning. I can say I have also been excited and happy to be able to teach for a while with them. What Sun Saveth is doing in Battambang is great. I am excited to hear & see what the future holds for them. If you are thinking of volunteering and have questions, I am so happy for you to email me at sarah.fletch.nz@gmail.com