We always need volunteers

We are always in need of English teaching volunteers to assist our Khmer teachers with our English literacy program. You will work alongside with a local Khmer teacher and also be required to plan English activities for the children. Interaction with our children has a huge impact on their development.

If you decide to volunteer, not only will it positively affect the development of our children, but you will gain a rewarding and unforgettable life experience.

How long you can Volunteer?

A minimum of two weeks volunteer time is required but we would love it if you could spend more time with us. A longer time period allows you to have a better experience and to learn more about the culture and has been shown to be more beneficial to the students.

Do I have to pay money?

KNGO is a local, grassroots, non-government organization and relies solely on the generosity of donors to enable our work to continue. As a consequence we encourage a one-off donation of $100.00 per volunteer. The donation will go towards the running costs of the education department and go towards the salaries of the local Khmer teachers.

If you are interested in volunteering please fill in the Volunteer Application Form and email it to: kngocamb@gmail.com.

Please also forward with volunteer application form a photocopy of your passport and a police certificate of criminal record; i.e blue card for Australian visitors.

Volunteer Application Form

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