KNGO Cambodia has now reopened following closure during the COVID pandemic and is welcoming volunteers back to support the school and students.

What we need

We are seeking volunteers to assist our Khmer teachers with our English Literacy Program regardless of whether you have teaching experience or not. Volunteers must be able to speak conversational English. The interaction volunteers have with our students makes a huge impact on their development. Special skills, eg: art, music, sport, IT etc are always an advantage. Volunteers in the areas of admin, community welfare and maintenance are also welcome. Groups and families will be considered

When we need volunteers

Ideally, our volunteer program will commence on the 1st Monday of each month (excluding April). However, please contact us for availability of other dates if this doesn't suit your travel arrangements.

Do we require a minimum duration?

We would prefer volunteers to stay for a period of 4 weeks, however we will consider a 2 week stay as a minimum. Longer stays will also be considered. Please contact us for availability and your preferred duration of stay.

What we provide

This volunteer program is a cultural experience and you will become an integral member of the KNGO team. You will be: