Why KNGO was created

KNGO was created with the aim of providing local children with a good education in order to reduce poverty in their families and communities. We believe that local communities can be developed and improved through prolonged education. KNGO works to supplement state-provided education by providing a free after-school facility where children can learn many new skills.

The Kingdom of Cambodia was originally a prosperous Agrarian state. Following decolonization and abolition of French rule in the 1950s a short period of peace and economic development followed.However, the Vietnam War and the Khmer Rouge regime plunged the country into long-term and widespread economic and development stagnation. The brutal and violent civil war ended in 1979 but was followed by anarchy and wide-spread social unrest. Today, Cambodia is slowly beginning to become more developed, but remains one of the poorest nations in South East Asia. Cambodia and Cambodians are still struggling to fully recover from years of civil war and genocide which completely destroyed social institutions, traditional culture and family values. Societal structure and conventional support systems have also been destroyed in part, resulting in a lack of modern role-models for children. For these reasons we want to provide local children with structure and support to enable them to strive and become part of a more successful future of Cambodia.

Although children and young people have the desire to improve their country and local communities, they often feel powerless in their ability to do so because they lack experience and sufficient education, as well as local role-models. KNGO works to help young people engage in constructive participation in civil society and education and help them become agents in combating some of Cambodia’s social problems. The current social issues that are prevalent in Cambodia include discrimination, gang culture, violence, human trafficking and drug abuse. These problems are widespread and can be a major negative influence in the life of youths in Cambodia.

KNGO can help children and youths to deal with these situations in a constructive and peaceful way that builds solidarity and responsibility. Education, alongside many other programs that are part of KNGO, can help children gain both motivation and valuable skills to help them help themselves, as well as their families, communities and wider society.